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As Americans, we work hard every day to earn an income to take care of our families, educate our children and provide for a secure retirement. As retirement age approaches, we are wise to consider:
  • Are Our Retirement Dollars Safe?
  • How Will Taxes Affect Our Standard of Living?
  • What happens to My Family if I Become Ill?
  • Do We Have Enough Money to Retire?
At Allen Financial Agency, our innovative tax deferred annuities help you maximize both growth and safety for your hard earned retirement dollars, ultimately offering you the peace of mind you deserve. We understand that creating a retirement nest egg is hard work and while many people take into consideration market risk, there are five other factors you should consider as well:
  1. Safety of Premium
  2. Income Taxes
  3. Avoidance of Probate
  4. Liquidity
  5. Guaranteed Income
Please schedule a time in our office to discuss these fantastic opportunities.


A life settlement is the sale by the insured or original owner of an existing life insurance policy that is no longer needed, wanted, or affordable. The original owner sells the ownership and beneficiary rights of the policy for a lump sum payment. Generally speaking, life settlements represent insureds who are 65 years of age or older with life expectancies ranging between 3-8 years.

“After savings accounts and government bonds, life insurance may be the most
respectable of investments... A secondary market in life insurance policies is growing rapidly in the US.” - The Economist

What’s in it for you?

  • Potential for substantial investment gains
  • Policies backed by the claims paying ability of “investment grade” rated life insurance companies
  • Strong intrinsic value
  • Ability to reduce overall portfolio volatility
  • Separate and distinct asset class
  • Viable alternative to traditional instruments
  • Low correlation to equity and debt markets
  • Free from most economic drivers
  • Low maintenance
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